Graduation Celebration

The year started out extremely well at Bellingham High School. There wasn’t anything unusual about this year except they were Seniors. What, you say? Seniors, wow already time to let your hair done. It’s that last accomplishment that you get to do before real life hits you.

What to do, what to do. Let’s see, college, work or military career. Well Let me tell you a little story about one child who turned into a great man. When he was little, he wanted to be in the military. He knew that he needed to do great things while growing up.

His name was John and he wanted to be great some day. During his elementary years, he dreamed about going to Bellingham High School. This was the greatest high school in town. Bellingham High School had famous graduates from all walks of life.

Although, it was not a private school, the students and staff were exceptional. They helped everyone and anyone who needed a strong education to pursue their dreams. John dreamed every day about this school.

He did his very best to make good grades and attend all his classes. His middle school classes were very difficult and he struggled through them. He kept going as he was told by his mother. She always said, “John, you can do anything that you want as long as you can dream it. Never stop dreaming.”

John became very sick during his 8th grade year. His mother struggled with financial issues and John’s appointments to the doctor. She was told that John had cancer and it was advancing very rapidly. She didn’t want anything to happen to her baby, so she told the doctors to do whatever it took to help him to his graduation.

Throughout the next 4 years John struggled with the chemo and radiation therapy. It was very difficult for his mom to watch. When she thought he was doing better, then he would relapse. Now it was time for him to graduate.

He finally made it. As John crossed the graduation stage at Bellingham High School, his mother couldn’t hold back the tears. She got to see her baby graduate. That was the last accomplishment that John made. He passed away 2 weeks after graduation. His mother was heartbroken, but cherished the time they had together.

Bellingham High School will always remember John for his great courage that he showed for his struggles. God bless John and his mother.